Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Tromso is the north-most place I have been. I came from Sortland with the famous Hurtigruten ferry. In the summer you can experience midnight sun while during winter you can witness the northern light. I came to hang out with my friend Aleks.  and besides earlier I've purchased a flight with Airbaltic from Tromso to Budapest via Riga way back.

The bridge is walkable. I walked from the Artic Cathedral on the mainland across the bridge all the way to island.

Once I arrived, I headed to the Info Centre. It was here that I left my notepad. This notepad is very important to me. I wrote down the addresses of all my hosts in it and wrote in detail my daili expenses up to the cents and the account was balanced everyday. I was really upset.

I stopped briefly at the Perspective Museum and another art Museum. This art museum is absolutely free and the paintings depicted mostly the mountains of Norway and the way of life of the people.

It was here on the 3rd day, that I heard about the news of the Oslo Masacre. It was covered in the news almost 24/7. It was very tragic. I facebooked my host in Oslo and luckily she was safe but told me she was deeply shocked and the place of the bombing was close to her office.

The next day when we pass by the church, we saw some flowers and candles being laid on the floor for the victims.

My friend brought me to the Polar Museum. I saw many seals there and they are mostly very big. The entrance fee is NOK110 (appr. 14.50 Euro). 

After that we had lunch at a restaurant. Everything in Norway is expensive. A meal of burger and tea cost about NOK150 (appr. 19 Euro)

My friend prepared a very special meal for me for dinner, Whales!!
left: the whale in the supermarket, top middle:being marinated, bottom middle: cooked whale, right: dinner

We went to hang out at my friend's place at night and later went to a club. While walking I snapped this pic. It was at night. I love this pic probably due to the hue of the sky.

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