Monday, November 28, 2011

The Hague: Madurodam

“He who is outside his door already has the hardest part of his journey behind him.”
 Dutch proverb

Welcome to is the smallest town in the Netherlands! This is where you have a bird eye view of the Netherlands. Everything is precisely 25 times smaller than in reality.

Left: Model #17 - Weighing House and cheese market | Alkmaar
The Weighing House in Alkmaar was originally a holy Ghost almshouse, where poor travellers could stay. In 1582, it was rebuilt as a Weighing House, where the cheeses were weighed and sold. The building now houses the Holland Cheese Museum. In Moduradam trading in cheeses is conducted in the traditional manneron the square in front of the Weighing house

Right: Model #4 - Reformed Church | Maasdijk
architect A. Komter completed this church for the reformed Church in Maasdijk in 1952.

Left: Model # 33 - Magna Plaza shopping centre | Amsterdam
This building in the centre on Amsterdamhas housed the magna Plaza shopping centre since 1992. The building opened its doors in 1899 as the Amsterdam main post office. it was designed by architect Cornelis Hendrik peters. To the left of the shopping arcade is Tattoo Bob, where the people of Modurodam can get a tattoo. On the canal to the right you will see the 'Gay monument'

Right: Model #43 - The 'Rijksmuseum | Amsterdam
the Rijksmuseum, dating from 1885 and designed by P.J.H. Cuypers, houses one of the most important collections of XV-xix century paintings. If you bedn down you can see the Night Watch (1642) by the world famous painter Rembrandt van Rijn. The model was added to Moduradam to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the collection. The real Rijksmuseum is currently undergoing comprehensive renovation inside.

Left: Model #44 - The royal Theater | The Hague
The Royal theater was built in 1766 as part of a palace that was never completed. It was converted to a theater in 1804.

Middle Model #156 - Royal Palace 'Huis ten Bosch' | The Hague
This large country house is the residence of Queen Beatrix. It was built around 1645, according to a design by Pieter Post for Amalia van Solms, the wife of the Frederik Hendrik. Both side wings are of a later period: they were added during a major renovation in 1735, led by Daniel Marot. The gardens and palace were fully restored after the Second World War. 

Right: Model #29 - Building of the Supreme Court | The Hague
To the left, at the waterside, is the building in the Lange Voorhout in the Hague occupied by the Supreme court. King Willem I (1814-1840) once lived in this building.

Model #22 - Dutch Parliament Buildings 'Het Binnenhof' | The Hague
The binnenhof has been the centre of government of the netherlands for centuries. Once a year, on the third  Tuesday in September, Parliament is officially opened on 'Prinsjesdag'. In the 'Ridderzaal' (Knights' Hall) the Queen gives a speech setting out government policies for the coming year.

Left: Model #9 - Norther maritime museum | Groningen
The Northern Maritime Museum was opened in 1932 and houses objects originating frm the Dutch shippin and shipbuilding industry.

Right: Model #74 - Central Station | Groningen
This station was designed in 1893 by J. Gosschalk. Prominent features are the galleries on both sides of the main building. These have three arches, of a form unique to Dutch station architecture. Like in the station in Groningen, the white horse greets approaching travellers.

Left: Model #75 - The Peace Palace | The Hague
This palace is the seat of the International Court of Justice. It was designed by the french architect L.M. cordonnier in collaboration with the Durch professor J.A.g. van der Steur, and was built in 1913. The palace was a gift from the American steel magnate CArnegie. This is one of the oldest building models at Madurodam.

Middle: Model #167 - 'AVRO' Radio and television studio | Hilversum
This building, designed by architect Karsten and Merkelbach, dates from 1936 and is an example of the new dutch Realism. The AVRO was the first broadcasting company in the Netherlands to have its own studio.

Model #165 - Dutch East Indies Monument | The Hague (the front portion of the picture)
The indies Monument is situated in the woods nearby Moduradam. A memorial ceremony is held annually to honour the victims of the Japanese occupation in the former Dutch East Indies. The monument was designed by Jaroslawa Dankowa.

Right: Model # 193 - Pop Concert | The Hague
Here the golden Earring is given a sparkling concert.

Info taken from brochure/guide that comes with entry ticket

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