Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Me and my friends first got to know two Norwegian brothers through couchsurfing. They are Trig and Aleks, both had stayed with my friend when they are in our city. They had come back to KL many times and each time brought new friends with them and so we had gotten to know 4 more other guys and 2 gals through them.

I was very excited to meet all of them again in their hometown Sortland. Going to Sortland was like going to a place I've never been before but heard so much about. In a ways there is so much familiarity. I did a lot of fun stuffs when I was there.

I have heard about the midnight sun and was so excited to be experiencing such phenomena. Before I came to Sortland I visualised myself lying underneath the sun, sleeping in my sleeping bad and enjoying the warmth of summer.

When I was there they brought me to their houses and introduced me to their parents and families. I was surprised that they actually mentioned about me and my friends and said we took really good care of them when they are in KL. We always had a blast hanging out with these Norwegian bunch.

Jorgen and Fredo brought me along for a fishing trip at the sea shore. We have to put on waterproof suit which was up to my chest level and boots to stand in the sea. Fredo managed to catch a fist within a few seconds but decided to let the fish go because it is not big enough. Unfortunately my suit was filled with water when I tried to retrieve the bait that was caught up among the sea weeds. Therefore I had to get changed before I froze to death, with that bringing out fisihing trip to an end.

One day, Johannes came over and said he's going to his grandma's place to paint the root and if I want to come along. I tagged along since there's not much to do at home. I helped him painted the roof. I was slightly afraid of being up in the root as it was quite steep. After we are done granny serve us tea with cakes, sandwiches and brown cheese.

I grew up in a small town very close to the outskirt of the capital. Therefore by comparison I found that it was very surprising that for a small town, there are a few pubs/bars there. The town is small in the sense there not many houses there but each houses are actually very big and some very far apart. In this small town there are also a few malls. One of the malls even has H&M. Talking about a small town. The boys (sorry have to call them that since they are much younger in age) always said they are from a small town.

Even in a small town, the standard and quality of living is not as small. Speaking of the country which the last year has become the richest country in the world. No wonder everything here is way too expensive.

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