Thursday, November 24, 2011

Getting Ready

I actually have more than 7 months to prepare for my European trip. The said amount time to save money, to research on places I wanted to go and buy stuff that I needed for my trip.

First thing I did was to tell all my friends and family. Some couchsurfing friends offered me a place to stay and their availability. Most of my intial planning was looking at a map and plot where I would like to go from cities to cities, changing my mind throughout. Part of it was talking to friends who have been to Europe and asking for advice and recommendations.

Due to workload,  my active social life and procastination I didn't do very well.

My research is limited to doing wikitravel search on the potential cities I wanted to visit and if I wanted more information will do a google search.

I didn't manage to save much money, so for my trip I bagged my mum to borrow me some money and get another bank loan. I am a very good pay-master so I can easily get a personal loan from my bank.

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