Saturday, February 15, 2014


I was in Laos in early February. Day 1 was in Vientienne the capital, traveled to Vang Vieng on the 2nd day and stayed the night to experience first hand tubing. Went back to Vientiene and stayed for the last night before heading home the next day.

Lovely country less touristy compared to Thailand.

The best part, it was a very cheap country. I spent USD100 for 4D/3N trip. 1 USD is equivalent to 8,010 kip. 

Here is the breakdown:

Category         USD       Kip      MYR
Transport 19.84 159,000 66.06
Dorm 12.48 100,000 41.56
Meal 36.41 292,000 121.26
Misc 5.98 48,000 19.9
Massage 13.09 105,000 43.59
Entertainment 6.87 55,000 22.88
Total 94.67 759,000 315.25

Taxi from airport to city is USD 7/ 50,000 kip. You can share with other people.
Vientiene to Vang Vieng - 50,000
Vang Vieng to Vientienne - 40,000 kip (plus 10,000 kip for tuk-tuk as the bus stop in the middle of no-where, well not exactly but not at your destination/ in town but southern bus stop to be precise)

Vientienne - Funky Monkey (40,000 kip per night including simple breakfast and tea or coffee. My breakfast was 2 slices of bread and 2 scrambled eggs. The upper bed was very high and one of the toilet/bathroon was not functioning well)
Vang Vieng - Central Backpackers (30,000 kip for a bed in a 4 beds dorm with own toilet/bathroom. Best deal ever)
Vientienne - Douang Deuane Backpacker (30,000 kip for a a bed in a room with 6 single-storey beds, toilet/bathrooms on every level)

You can go check out the dorm before deciding to stay in it.

Thai food, grilled chicken, pork and seafood, etc
Local bear Lao Beer usually 10,000-15,000 kip for big bottle
Mineral bottles from 3,000 kip

Adapter, toothbrush, bracelet, waterproof passport holder, entrance fees, toilet fee, unaccounted expenses

Average price from 40,000 - 60,000 for 1 hour traditional Lao massage. I gave the masseurs tips for their hard work. It was really good.

Tubing for 55,000 kip. You have to pay 60,000 kip deposit and will get it back once you return the tube. 

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