Monday, August 27, 2012

Capture The Colour Contest

There's this contest sponsored by for bloggers whereby you have to submit five pictures each representing the following colours blue, green, yellow, red and white. 

The following are my entries to the said contest. To find out more you can go to the competition page.


 This picture was taken in Prague Old Castle during the Changing of Guards last summer. We came early to get a nice spot to witness the occasion. The uniforms were in a very beutiful hue of blue.


 This was taken on top of Berlin Dome. It was taken last summer so you can see people laying on the grass enjoying the sun. The view around the Dome was stunning.


 This picture was taken in my home country Batu caves, Malaysia in February during the famous Deepavali Celebration. This man had walked up 272 steps to reach the top of the cave where he was seen in this picture carrying the 'kavadi' as offering to lord Murugan. 


 Taken from the bull ring in Madrid.

 This was taken after I reached the submit of a mountain in Sortland, Norway. The ice has not melted even though it was already summer. The bridge that connected Sortland and mainland can be seen in the picture and part of a fjord.

I have nominated my friends for this contest
Roman Giger

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