Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Thaipusam at Batu Caves

I often bring couchsurfing members to Batu caves. Everytime I will attempt to explain how was the place would be like during Thaipusam. Let the pictures do the talking.

I will make it a point to come every year during Thaipusam. I am planning to go on the eve of Thaipusam in 2013. 

"Once a year, Batu Caves become the centre of a great religious procession. Almost 1 million people pay homage to the highly revered deity, Lord Murugan during the 3-day long festival. Thaipusam falls on the tenth day of the month of Thai in the Hindu Almanac and that would usually be in late January or early February".

The bazaar or stalls selling everything from clothing, shoes, food, drinks and so on. Some stall offer services like henna painting, shaving your head bald, manicure and so on. There were lunching/dining/eating area. There's an amusement park nearby.

Stall selling deserts

The entrance to the cave. The  gold statue is Lord Murugan.

 A kavadi bearer taking a rest

 Another Kavadi bearer

 On the stair

This worshiper has a spear through his cheeks

Another kavadi bearer found inside the cave.

These boys had nails poked on their backs.

The shirtless men are the priest. People were queuing to get blessing from the priests and gave their offering. 

The formation of the cave

 Inside the cave

At the top of a stair with 272 steps.

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