Saturday, December 3, 2011

Salzburg in A Day

Salzburg was actually never in my travel plan. I went there because the train to from Budapest to Salzburg was much cheaper compared to a direct train to my next destination Zurich. I figured it would be much cheaper to travel from Salzburg to Zurich as Salzburg is much closer to Zurich compared to Budapest.

Once I reached, I looked for lockers to keep my heavy backpack before going sight seeing. I searched high and low and somehow manage to find and empty locker that was big enough to keep my two bags as the lockers were in various sizes. It was the highest locker and I wonder how I managed to put all my stuff in it that time.

Then I went to the info Centre to grabbed some maps and inquired how to get to the city. I waited for the bus, boarded and travel all the way to the river. It was clear that I was pretty close to town but somehow did not get off the bus. The bus continued on its route. Somehow at that point I was aware that I have left the city quite far behind and should get off anytime. Then something caught my attention and I get off immediately. I saw the following and I figured it must be a tourist attraction. 

It was actually a cemetery!! It was my first time going to a cemetery!!

When I was done, I boarded another bus and went through the same route that I came from, passed the bridge to the other side again and get off. These was what I saw

University Mozarteum

Left: Salzburger Marionetten Theater
Middle: Building to the left is Hotel Bristol, saw from a far churchlike building and decided to get a closer view
Right; The church close-up

Then continue walking until I reached the river and crossed to the other side. I saw the Dom and went in to have a look. Went to check out Mozart Statue. I found an open space and a concert was being held there.

The I walked uphill to Fortress Hohensalzburg. I did not visit the fortress instead was somewhere closeby the entrance to enjoy the view of Salzburg from a vantage point. 

When I came down, saw another church and cemetary.

Walked further and saw House of Mozart and Horse Pond. People were walking around dressed as if they are going to balls. Later I found out they were going to concert halls. The atmosphere was very lively. Grabbed a pizza for dinner. 

Later crossed the other side of the river, headed to Mirabell Garden and Palace. Witnessed some old folks in traditional costumes putting up a star sign as below. Walked into dwarf Garden to look around.


That was how I spent my day in Salzburg.

Recommended places (from youtube video)

Old Town
Dwarf Garden
Hohensalzburg Fortress
Mirabell Palace and Gardens

Of course if I spent more days here I would have joined the Sound of Music Tour.

As you can see, Salzburg is famous for Mozart and Sound of music. Most attractions are located in the old town. Everything seems to be compressed here.

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