Saturday, December 17, 2011

Schwyz to Lucerne

I took a train from Thalwil in Zurich to Schwyz to meet my friend Rahel. She had invited me to stay with her and her granny for the night.

We had boiled potatoes and all sort of cheese for dinner. I never had cheese as main dish for dinner before. Granny showed me a lot of family pictures and entertained me by playing some old musical instrument.

The next day we took a bus to together to Brunnen where she works. I went to the pier to check out the price ticket for boat ride and brought a boat ticket to Lucerne. The boat ride was recommended by granny. After that I walked around Brunnen.

I went to the pier again to take the 8:19am ferry to Lucerne.

The view was scenic with view of mountains and lakes. It was a scale down version of Norwegian mountains.

Once I arrived in Lucerne i went to grabbed a map somewhere and started exploring. I saw a tower from the distance and went to approach it.

It was the Chapel Bridge! The most famous landmark in Lucerne is considered to be one of the oldest, covered wooden bridges in Europe.

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