Friday, June 29, 2012

A Guided Tour to Roland Garros

When I reached the location the last guided tour had  already begun but the people who worked there let me join the last tour in the midst. I can't thank them enough for their kindness.

Top right is the souvenir shop. Bottom left: The entrance. Bottom right: Signage showing the directions and distance of the other Glam Slam venues; Wimbledon (365km), Flushing Meadows (5839 km) and Melbourne Park (16950 km) 

The top part of the stadium is engraved with names of the winners. 

The Tour

 Center court where the finals are held.

This is the ladies' locker. Locker #19 is reserved permanently to Steffi Graf the 6 times champion. The locker is still there just that the number now becomes 18bis.

Rafael Nadal's favourite locker. Every year the defending champion get to choose his locker first. Apparently Nadal always choose this locker. The guide said probable because its close to a bench. I forgot the locker no. Maybe soon this locker will his permanently as the 7 times champion.

 To the left is the sitting lounge.  The picture in the middle is the press conference room and the guy seated was my guide for the tour. On the right is the locker room.

There's this room filled with players' signatures on glass surface attached to the wall.

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